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The Martha Chronicles about life at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

Moaning Martha

I'm Martha Middleton, inta. They call me 'Moaning Martha' and I hint got the foggiest idea why... I live at Gressenhall Workhouse and I talk in a proper Norfolk accent, dunta.  

These here fillums and stories were all writ by me ter tell people like yew wot thass like in the workhouse in Victorian times.

The Martha Chronicles

The stories wot yew can listen tew, they're called 'The Martha Chronicles' and yew need ter listen ter them in order startin'at number one, dew they wunt make noo sense.

Listen to The Martha Chronicles on YouTube

Woss in my Bag?

Them 'Woss In my Bag' fillums, well they're just a bit o' nonsense ter make yew laugh in these here strange times.

Watch the 'Woss in my bag' videos on YouTube

Please note: All events and characters, including Martha herself, are fictitious, but all other information about the workhouse is historically accurate.